Pro-Active / Re-Active Maintenance

Expect the Unexpected

Whether it’s inside or outside of your property, you can never be prepared for every situation when something goes wrong. That’s why even with all of the regular care and preventative maintenance on your facilities and property, you may still need to call for a reactive maintenance specialist when the unexpected occurs.

Elite Maintenance and Management is a leading property maintenance and commercial office caretaker in South Florida. From Miami Dade, to Hillsborough, we’re your point of call when you need fast and effective reactive maintenance in or around your commercial property or office location.


Your commercial property is the face of your business. You wouldn’t want any part of your business to be running below its capability or requirements, so why let any function perform below expectations? Whether it’s something critical like the HVAC system, or a supporting function like a water heater, any piece of equipment, structural element, and even aspects of the furnishing should be in top shape.

When you notice something isn’t working, call the experts at Elite Maintenance and Management. We will get things repaired and prepared for smoother running as your business grows. Why worry about the things that you don’t have control over? Having a professional preventive and reactive property maintenance company like Elite ensures that your facilities are taken care of while you focus on your core business.

Make the right impression on clients, visitors, and even your valuable workforce by having a commercial environment that is always functioning. Elite Maintenance and Management can work around your schedule, even where you need us on site after regular business hours, or even for emergency call outs.

Our staff are discrete and have years of experience in high profile commercial environments. Each member of our team has passed stringent background checks, as well as aptitude tests and on the job evaluations to ensure that you’re only ever getting the best professionals available in Florida. This means that our visits will always be non-intrusive, courteous, and in many busy commercial environments you wouldn’t even notice that we were there. Instead, what you will notice is that the job was done right!

Make the Right Choice for Your Business with Elite Maintenance and Management

Reactive maintenance solutions for smart business owners come from Elite. Talk to us today and find out why our customers in South Florida choose us time and again for all of their maintenance needs.