What’s the first thing that you notice about any business?

As you enter the building, the state of the offices, the sparkle of the glass are what tell you that this is a business that is proud of their surroundings and working hard to give a great first impression.

What does dust on the windowsill say about your company? How would you perceive smudges on the windows and unkempt flooring? If you’re like most people, that first impression  impacts your decision to do business with this company.

If your business doesn’t look good, you don’t look good.

The single most important factor to making a good first impression is a sparkling clean business facility.


The primary business of Elite Maintenance and Management is to provide a wide array of commercial janitorial services to both large and small corporate businesses on a regular schedule. Our services can be obtained for a one time only cleaning or for scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly services, or emergency response services.

By earning our customer’s faith and respect, we were their first source for assistance when disaster struck unexpectedly.

Our Services Include the Following:

Janitorial Services
Commercial janitorial cleaning services are a necessity to keep your business looking sharp.

Floor Care
Keeping your carpets or flooring clean and dry is not only an aesthetic issue, it’s also a health issue.

Carpet Cleaning
Pollutants that come into your business through daily foot traffic can significantly shorten the lifespan of your carpets.

Hard Surface Flooring
With the many different types of hardwood flooring today, there are no “one size fits all” solutions to keeping your facility clean and in great condition.

Window Cleaning
We will provide a professional window cleaning service that removes residue buildup on any single story commercial buildings.

Interior and Exterior Lighting Maintenance & Retrofits
We will get things repaired and prepared for smoother running as your business grows.

Pro-active / Re-active Maintenance (Repairs) 24/7
Your commercial property is the face of your business. You wouldn’t want any part of your business to be running below its capability or requirements, so why let any function perform below expectations?