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If there is one thing that you know as a business owner, it’s the importance of keeping your business looking good. There’s one aspect of maintenance that should be primary the need for professional carpet cleaning and floor care is often one that we overlook in favor of other, more obvious things.

The reality is that your business flooring may be the first thing that your visitor sees. The premises in which you work or do business is the first impression that your customer has of your business. The care that you take to ensure that it remains in good order gives the kind of impression to a prospective customer that you’d like to offer pride in appearance and reputation.

Keeping your carpets or flooring clean and dry is not only an aesthetic issue, it’s also a health issue. Carpets that are soiled are far more likely to cause allergies in office workers and nearly two times more likely to cause health care problems.

In addition to the appearance of your building and the health of your employees, there is one more reason why your business needs top quality carpet cleaning.


Your carpet or flooring, particularly in a business arena can be an investment of thousands of dollars. Pollutants that come into your business through daily foot traffic can significantly shorten the lifespan of your carpets. Dust and dirt actually cut the fibers of carpet. Regularly scheduled professional commercial carpet cleaning Will protect your initial investment and lengthen the life of your floor coverings.

In addition to carpet cleaning, Elite employs factory-trained technicians who are experienced in providing restoration and maintenance services for VCT, ceramic, marble and terrazzo flooring surfaces.

Elite Maintenance and Management uses well trained and background checked personnel who know their business and work hard to make yours look good.

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