Safety & Training

Our Workplace Safety Training

safety-trainingRegardless of what the work environment might be, one of the most important aspects of any workplace today is workplace safety. Keeping the workplace safe means preventing accidents for the staff and employees, but preventing accidents by those who are using the company or the site as customers too. Safety certified staff make any workplace safer.

The incorrect placement of workplace materials, the improper use of signage or safety equipment can be costly in many ways. That is what makes safety training so important.

No matter where you work–no matter what you do, from the hospital to the department store, safety in the workplace cannot be overstated. Using the right safety procedures specific to the venue can save you vast sums financially and major headaches in the long range.

We recognize that training our staff in the importance of workplace safety is imperative.

A good place to start is online safety training, providing the basis for good safety skills in the workplace. Using online modules, our staff are trained and safety certified in proper safety as it relates to interaction in multiple venues, including:

  •  Office space
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitality and restaurants

Their training includes the proper procedures for cleaning in restrooms, onhard floors, and during carpet cleaning.

We work with our employees as they go over the online modules, but their training does not end there. They are taken into the field where correct implementation of their training is overseen and reviewed to ensure compliance with good safety measures.

Additionally, workshops are planned and attended and each employee is required to pass specific training modules to become certified in workplace safety measures.

This is done to ensure that when you hire our company, you can depend on the fact that each employee is well versed in how to keep your workplace safe.When you use Elite, you are given safety certified staff who have the requiredtraining to keep your venue safe.

Safety in the workplace depends on good training. You can rely on Elite Maintenance & Management to provide you with cleaning staff who are well versed in proper safety procedures and who will work hard to keep your workplace safe.