Hard Floors

Cleaning Hard Flooring

In the old days, a mop and a bucket were the only business cleaning tools that any cleaning company needed. Those days are gone. Today specialty flooring is an integral part of business. It’s what keeps your company looking good and gives your customers that positive first impression of you and your company. That great first impression is what Elite Maintenance works hard to protect.

Special flooring requires special solutions. This is especially true of hard flooring such as concrete, ceramic, terrazzo and tile. Cleaning flooring in any facility requires careful attention to detail. When accidents take place or the flooring needs to be stripped and cleaned, it’s essential that immediate flooring first aid is given.

With the many different types of flooring today, there are no “one size fits all” solutions to keep your facility clean and in great condition. Hard flooring can take many different forms. Knowing the difference and planning for good quality care is imperative.


You need a floor cleaning company who understands the type of flooring that you’re using, knows how to clean it properly, will keep the professional sheen and prevent damage to your floors.

We take the time to study those issues that can take place and to make sure that we have solutions well in advance of requiring them. Preventive steps ensure that our staff does not make the kinds of mistakes that can cause damage to your flooring.

For example polished concrete, while extremely durable can lose its shine if not properly maintained. The care of stained concrete requires an understanding of sealants and floor finish when considering care. And the cleaning regimen depends upon the amount of traffic in the area. High-traffic areas require more.

Elite Maintenance takes the time to consider the type of flooring with which we will be working. We do so in order to ensure that it is properly cleaned and maintained for your business. At Elite Maintenance, we invest the time to prepare in advance for the flooring that is part of your business. We know what we’re doing and how we’re going to accomplish it long before we place any type of cleaning solution on your flooring.

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