Elite Maintenance Carpet and Floor Cleaning

It’s a given that you want your business to look the best that it can look. As the saying goes, you don’t get a commercial-carpet-cleaning2second chance to make a good first impression. Carpet cleaning and floor cleaning is imperative to every business to keep the company looking sharp and help it to make that great first impression.

Business and residential flooring today comes in a wide range styles and types. In some cases, the flooring that you have used for your business has been a hefty expenditure. Protecting your investment means hiring the right company for your flooring and carpet care.

From bamboo to wool, the many types of flooring that are available are literally mind-boggling. This fact alone makes for vast challenges to housekeeping staff and managers. What cleans one variety of flooring well will end up causing untold damage to another variety.

Being familiar with the different types of flooring that are available and developing a plan to properly clean and maintain them is challenging at best. Whether your business flooring is ceramic tile, bamboo, carpet, vinyl, laminate, or slate, each requires a different type of cleaning.

Developing and implementing a plan of maintenance to keep it looking the best that it can look and to provide for longevity is an important part of the task of cleaning your facility. Sealants and polishing methods too will differ from flooring to flooring.

Elite Maintenance studies each type of flooring carefully, reviewing what will best clean the facility and what may cause damage to it in order to prevent that damage. Whether carpet cleaning or cleaning bare flooring, Elite Maintenance takes the time to learn all that we need to know about the carpet or flooring that is used in your business.

We recognize that decisions that we make can have a big impact on your business and the financial investment that you’ve made in your flooring. We do not take the issue of floor cleaning lightly, spending hours prior to beginning your in-house floor cleaning to make sure that we know exactly how to clean your facility flooring.

Where possible, Elite Maintenance also uses green cleaning methods to not only protect your costly flooring, but to protect the environment too. Call today to see what Elite Maintenance has to offer your facility.