Customized Cleaning Packages

It’s often difficult to find the right cleaning package for your corporate office location or commercial property. The problem is that too many commercial cleaning companies focus on cookie cutter packages as if every business is the same. You know, and so do we, that not every business is the same, and to get things done right you need a tailored approach to your commercial cleaning solutions.

At Elite Maintenance and Management we have listened to the needs of our commercial clients over the years, which has helped us to develop packages that are fully customizable. This means that no matter what you need, whether it’s a combination of janitorial and general cleaning services, or something more specific like office cleaning with scheduled window cleaning combined in the same package, Elite will always be able to deliver.

You wouldn’t pay for something that you don’t use. So why pay for a service that you don’t need? Running a business in today’s economy can be difficult, and you can save money and reduce on maintenance expenditure by making the right choices when it comes to service and facilities providers. Because you’ll only ever choose a customized cleaning package with Elite, you’ll never be spending for service that you don’t need.

Even with a package that makes sense financially, it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t delivered by the best cleaning and janitorial staff around. It’s a good thing then that this is exactly what you get when you choose Elite Maintenance and Management for your customized cleaning service.

Our staff are all highly motivated and highly trained. They have the equipment and techniques to ensure that your premises and facilities are cleaned in a way that no other service provider could compete with, and they’ll complete the work in a way that doesn’t disrupt your staff or your business. All of our staff undergo extensive background checks, so you’ll never have to worry about the wrong people working in or around your premises when you choose Elite.

The latest cleaning methods are available, whether it’s heavy duty carpet cleaning with green cleaning solutions, or whisper quiet vacuuming that keeps your office or showroom looking great even during busy hours.

Your premises form a significant part of your business image. Keep them looking their best with a cleaning package that can be customized to your needs. Talk to the experts today at Elite Maintenance and Management.